TinyURL Blocked In Saudi Arabia

Committee to Protect Bloggers reports that TinyURL has been blocked in Saudi Arabia. The URL shortener service is not the only option out there for your shortened URLs, but it is the default one for Twitter, so if you want to reach the Saudi followers you’d better use another service. I should also link the Facebook group that wants TinyURL unblocked, but I doubt it’ll do any good, at least not with a mere 19 members.

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  • Yes tinyurl.com has been blocked in Saudi Arabia for a while. I’m a Saudi and had troubles with the blocking.

    That thing drove me to develop a web service to retrieve original URLs from tiny ones, Untiny.


    Many Saudi twitter users now use it daily. Also they use the different addons developed by bloggers based on Untiny Application Programming Interface (API) that make the untiny process automaticly done through browsing.


    Thanks for your concern!

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