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TinyURL’s Out,’s In

TinyURL’s Out,’s In

Twitter has been using TinyURL for its own URL shortening needs. Up until now, that is. As several sites have noticed, Twitter has silently replaced TinyURL with TechCrunch doesn’t find that very surprising, naming Betaworks as common ground for both and now Twitter-owned Summize.

Will Twitter buy next? They should, the fact that they’ve been relying on external infrastructure for their URL shortening needs this long is surprising.

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  • It would be smart for Twitter to buy even if it was just for security reasons. Twitter could expand these shortened URLs for everyone except SMS users. This way users would continue to stick to the 140 character limit but would have much more information when clicking links in other users tweets.

  • We’re new, and not included in the article but we think our URL shortening service brings a lot of value into the short URL market.

    We not only shorten links, but also text, email addresses, and a photos (with upload then shortening).

    People get a bad taste in their mouths for short url services because they are still using the original old school ones that have little to no value. and TinyUrl are both out-dated and their url’s are too long. One character can make or break a great twitter post…

    Give us a try :D

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