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Today is BlogAds ‘Conversion Day’.. but there’s a ton of unbelievers out there..

Today is BlogAds ‘Conversion Day’.. but there’s a ton of unbelievers out there..

BlogAds is one of the oldest blog advertising agencies out there today – just about every major blog that you can think of likely runs their ads….

But today is the day that all of that may have come crashing down..

For the last several months, the crew over at Blogads have been developing a new interface & advertising system. This is a good thing as their current system is rather ancient in its approach.

The downside is that everyone needed to insert new ad code on their pages in order to participate in the new ad system… and most still haven’t installed the new adcode….

Some examples:

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Today is the last day that the old ad system is being supported… so there are still what appears to be hundreds of blogs running the old ad code – including PerezHilton, one of the largest sites on BlogAds..

A long time BlogAds user even stated that “the new system is actually worse than the old one, which in itself is difficult to believe”…

With this mess going on, should these folks even be in business?

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  • Really now, there must be something fundamentally wrong with the old system if they’re shutting it down without making sure that their users have switched to the new one. Was there really no way of converting it on their side? To me – without having used BlogAds, ever – this sounds very stupid. You don’t cut off your revenue stream ad network when you’ve managed to build one!

  • This is why I generally go with affiliate networks or Google Ads. You encounter less of this garbage.

    Why don’t they automatically update their software to reflect this?

    Thord is right, cutting off their ad revenue before making sure everyone switches is dumb. Imagine if Google did something like this? There goes 10 billion dollars in profits.

    Unless Blog Ads wants to end up with the dinosaurs, they may want to rethink their strategy.

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