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Tokyo’s New YouTube Production Facility Receives A Sneak Peak [Video]

Tokyo’s New YouTube Production Facility Receives A Sneak Peak [Video]

Tokyo Youtube StudioEarlier in the week YouTube announced the launch of its first YouTube Spaces production facility in Tokyo. That facility is now being shown off in a new YouTube video.

The video platform already runs production facilities in Los Angeles and London.

YouTube Spaces are meant to provide top notch YouTube content creators with the facilities they need to produce high quality content.

Receiving access to the Tokyo studio requires filling out an application. Content providers chosen to use the facility receive three months of access. 

YouTube Space Tokyo is located in the Roppongi Hills complex in the center of Tokyo. The facility features various resources including a production stage, recording studio, control room, green screen room, make-up-room, grip equipment, cameras and various other pieces of technology that can be used inside the studio and checked out for use in the field.

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With competition heating up in the online video streaming space YouTube continues to offer new and exciting ways for its content producers to build their brands.

Here is the Tokyo Spaces sneak peek video:

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