Top Apps to Help You Market Your Blog Like a Pro

With the huge number of blogs all around the world these days, and more and more being created all the time, it’s important not just to run your blog like a business, but also to invest in marketing it in the same way too. After all, there’s no point learning all the ins and outs of your industry or creating a fantastic new product or service, only to have no one much know about it.

However, for many bloggers, the prospect of marketing can be daunting, and feel like something outside your comfort (and knowledge) zone. That’s where some of the best apps on the market can help you really make your blog soar this year.

Whether you want to hit a big target when it comes to the number of social media followers you have, or plan to win big with webinars over the coming months, there are many ways to market your blog so that as many people as possible can fall in love with it. Read on for some top apps that you should consider downloading today that can help you achieve your goals more quickly and easily.

Podcast Addict


Regular content updates are generally seen as one of the best (and lowest-cost) marketing avenues, and can make a huge difference to your results when it comes to social media numbers, search rankings, incoming traffic, brand awareness, and more. As a result, it pays to continually stay up to date on the latest industry news and keep track of potential people who would be worthwhile interviewing, so that you always have interesting content ideas to work with.

One way to save you time when it comes to sourcing information is to listen to podcasts broadcast by leading experts in your industry. You can listen to shows whenever convenient (including when you’re traveling to and from the office, at the gym, cooking a meal, or walking your dog), and learn about all of the latest news, insights, trends, product releases and the like that could be worth writing about.

The free Podcast Addict app is the perfect tech addition to help you stay on top of your favorite shows. The service makes it easy to search for, download, and listen to podcasts in every type of niche, as well as to create your own playlists of shows you want to regularly listen to. In addition, the app also boasts a helpful “trending” search feature which will alert you to new shows that are worth tuning into in the future.



If you need a place to manage your editorial calendar for blogs and press releases; want to keep track of your latest marketing ideas; or need a way to work with a team on new concepts and their execution, consider downloading an app like Asana.

This tool was founded by Justin Rosenstein, an engineer, and Dustin Moscovitz, a former Facebook co-founder, and designed to streamline the management of tasks and projects. The system is fairly simple, which makes it easy to pick up, but still has plenty of features which will save you time and energy.

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Asana lets users create and share their lists of tasks; brain storm with others; create meeting agendas; set goals; vote on suggested ideas; and customize views to look at items based on project or due dates. Furthermore, the app was designed to integrate with other online systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, WordPress and Evernote, making it easier than ever to keep all of your marketing-related emails, images, task lists, ideas, plans and more accessible at the drop of a hat.


Another great app that marketers should check out is Notifier. This system is ideal for helping you to grow your social media accounts, as well as build relationships with the top people in your industry. In the past, anytime you wrote about an “influencer” on your blog, you had to then manually let them know that they had been featured, so that they might hopefully share the shout-out themselves, or perhaps just find out about you and your business in the first place.

Today, you can let Notifier do all that hard work for you. The tech works by first automatically searching your blog posts for any brands or people who have been mentioned in the content. Then, it finds the relevant Twitter handles to match these influencers, and creates Tweets for you that you can either send straight away, or edit as required first. Furthermore, the system lets you control how many mentions you include in a single Tweet, and whether you want to send messages out as individual posts or in a group. Notifier also integrates with Buffer, which makes it simple to organize the messages with the rest of your social media schedule.

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