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Top Blogs to Read in 2022

Top Blogs to Read in 2022

top blogs to read in 2022

Financial or lifestyle, accommodating to abrasive. These are some of the blogs to read before 2022 gets away. No need to squander time, you’ve read the title. Here are some of the best blogs to read in 2022. (They’re strong contenders for going into 2023 as well).


For anyone looking into the world of content marketing look no further than one of the oldest greats on the net. The 2006 blog was introduced via one man’s great passion for content marketing. This passion shining through in the expressed form of teaching rapidly turned into one of the internet’s greatest gems. Now 16 years later, Copyblogger hosts over 500,000 visitors a month and a whopping 8-figure revenue stream.

Copyblogger deals with content marketing. It focuses on crafting impactful copy and serves as a great networking platform. In addition, Copyblogger does work in SEO and provides extensive articles and content that offer insights that take their readers’ work to the next level.


Tech News – essentially. Mashable was created in 2005. Based out of Scotland the company covered digital culture, cutting-edge tech news, and content. It has stayed fairly close to its roots, with 45 million monthly views not pulling it away from its core digital premise.

While it can still be summed up as something akin to technology news meets internet culture, meets lucid entertainment with a writ of acerbic underpinnings, it is a key follow for anyone inclined toward any of these spaces. Additionally, Mashable is keen to show a way to build a presence based on a through-line and hybrid intersectionalities of adjacent albeit loosely tithed social circumstances.

Cup of Jo

This is like Mashable if Mashable had a solo, grassroots feel with the feeling it was a labor of love from one lifestyle-focused individual. Basically, a more niche, highly-focused model on how to form a brand around loosely based intersectionalities. Fashion, design, gift advice for loosely based semi-real world archetypes. Heck, I found a delicious-looking recipe for cheesy, cauliflower potatoes – which is a sentence someone only gets the ability to shamelessly say once.

Cup of Jo is a delightful and professional blog, adorned with huge pictures, light aerie palettes, and deep culture-rooted article’s welled with insight and respectfully tasteful isms. This is all done with a split of chic and candor that would make Martha Stewart inclined to share her prison skills.

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a wisdom-based wellness and lifestyle blog. It looks to bring you a little peace of mind that can carry you into the next day and beyond. This is a joyous website with enjoyable approaches to letting go, relaxing, healing, and reframing past traumas. It hosts over 7 million followers across platforms and features a membership feature as well.

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Little Buddha also has taken to the paper page and bindings of thread and hardback cover. We must remember the Buddha in his true incarnation as a highly influential internet site with photos and mandalas.

Impact Theory

Another blog to read, Impact Theory, is somewhat unique in that it features an equally alive YouTube presence. It hosts many acclaimed and famous figures. They all share their takes on purpose, wealth, and imperative compositions of success. Also, Alex Hormozi, Rob Dyrdeck, and Mark Zuckerburg all appear to do what has essentially become the Joe Rogan Experience for oddly dressed billionaires in their mid-to-late thirties.

Hosted by a similarly prominent figure Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory serves to provide value via insights from some of the top minds in the business and entrepreneurial field. There are other aspects like online courses, aptly titled a “University.” Regardless, the YouTube content is free and allows us into the minds of those who have all worked for their money and made copious amounts of it.

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