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Tory campaign worker resigns after blog posting

Tory campaign worker resigns after blog posting

A new blog scandal in the Canadian election, this time with the campaign manager for Conservative Party member Peter Goldring being forced to step down after writing a blog post calling for Alberta’s independence.

CTV reports that Gordon Stamp, who posts under the pseudonym “Psycho,” wrote on Free Dominion: “I honestly see no benefit for Alberta to remain part of Canada. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing that Canada as a nation offers me.”

He goes on to compare Alberta to “a battered wife who has not yet realized that being divorced is better than staying married.” While he allows that the statement could be politically incorrect, he writes “that’s how I feel.”

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  • I sorta see little benefit for California being part of the rest of the US — except for maybe the East Coast, which we’re very very far away from. Then again, I’m not running for any govt. positions —

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