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Traditional Marketing Meets Social Prowess With New Big Fuel CEO

Traditional Marketing Meets Social Prowess With New Big Fuel CEO

Jon Bond - Big FuelIt was only a matter of time before some of the big wig ad execs on Madison Avenue began to realize that the future of Social Media could give them the outlet they need to stay relevant, that’s what happened this week with social media firm Big Fuel announcing that founder Avi Savar would hand over the reigns of his company to a new CEO, Jon Bond.

Bond is a founder of Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners and he has come on board so Savar can focus more of his time on growing the agency, while driving the company’s creative vision.

The announcement of Bond as CEO comes at the same time as an announcement that Big Fuel will now handle all of General Motors’ social media marketing, adding to their client list that already includes Colgate-Palmolive, Budweiser, Fisher-Price and McDonald’s among others.

Bond is no stranger to the world of marketing at KB (which he left in early 2010) he worked with clients that include BMW, Target, Delta and Wendy’s. He left his founding company after MDC Partners bought a controlling interest in the firm last year.

Adding to speculation that the company is ready to branch out quickly, they have garnered the services of The Jordan Edminston Group who will help them enter new markets both domestically and abroad.

Before joining Big Fuel the new CEO had every intention of starting a holding company, going as far as to raise $100 million from investors, however he later told the New York Times:

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“It became clear social media would be at the center of the world. We never closed any deals and we never spent the money.”

Is anyone actually still doubting that Social Media is the future of advertising?

In any case, social media marketing is about to do what I’ve wanted it to do for a while, combine old school marketing sensibility with shoot from the hip campaigns that rely on hit and miss analytical tracking.

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