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TransUnion Champions Privacy with Data Clean Room Partnership

TransUnion Champions Privacy with Data Clean Room Partnership

"Privacy Champions"

TransUnion took a major step forward in privacy-centric advertising solutions by announcing a partnership with a data clean room solution on February 28, 2024. The move highlighted TransUnion’s commitment to data privacy and security, setting a significant industry standard for data collaborations.

Safe environments for data processing, designed not to compromise user privacy, will be established through this partnership. This indicates a larger shift towards enhanced data privacy practices in the advertising sector.

The collaboration enables TransUnion to spread its range of identity confirmation and consumer data tools into the ad tech scene. Clients will gain access to TransUnion’s marketing identity map via a user-friendly clean room setup. The company aims to create a seamless experience for clients and improve the personalization of ad targeting.

The clean room setup provides a secure environment for integrating, collaborating, and sharing online and offline consumer data via user profiles. The goal is to enrich user profiles using consumer data from various sources, all within the safe confines of the clean room environment, without compromising data privacy or security.

The strategic alliance was lauded by Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, the co-founder of the data clean room solution. She emphasized how integration of TransUnion’s superior identity data enhances the clean room, providing maximum data usage while ensuring privacy, transparency, and overall data security.

Michael Schoen, EVP and manager of TruAudienceĀ® marketing solutions, highlighted the partnership’s role in addressing the challenges faced by clients in fully utilizing the solution due to identity conversion insufficiency. He stated the partnership would increase the practicality and effectiveness of data cleanrooms.

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Developed by TruAudienceĀ®, marketing solutions that combine consumer data, advanced identity solutions and audience creation within a comprehensive set of strict privacy-focused tools serve a broad customer base.

Respected globally for its data solutions, TransUnion offers reliable identification services to companies and individuals in over 30 countries. The data clean room solution allows businesses access to their ecosystem’s capabilities, essentially moving computation closer to the data. TransUnion advocates for data to remain stationary while applications, analytics, and algorithms come to where the data resides.

TransUnion’s approach not only guarantees efficient use of resources but also ensures privacy by maintaining a secure distance between data sets. This dedication to reliable identity services and secure data collaboration validates TransUnion’s position as a global leader in the industry.

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