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Trends Amongst India’s Bloggers

Trends Amongst India’s Bloggers

Some interesting finds about the Indian blogosphere, as noted by the newspaper, The Hindu, through an online survey of visitors to the MSN portal

  • Most  bloggers are male — in contrast to most other parts of the blogosphere, where it appears to be fairly equal
  • Bloggers tend to be searching for Technology first and foremost  — which, in most other parts of the world is actually lower on this list
  • Blogging is still nascent — only 1/7th the number of internet users are actively blogging (compare this with 50% of Singapore’s youth, and 25 of Canada’s internet users)
  • Good design is hot, while ” poor writing, self-centred content and lack of information about when it has been updated” is not.
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  • Interesting finds. So far, with my interaction with other Indian blogger, the Indian bloggers are more interested in community blogs engaging in socially relevant issues. In fact most of the discussions are quite enriching and their grip is awesome. Then of course there were tsunami and blasts blogs that were replicated in other parts of the globe too.

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