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Trump Steals Spotlight During Democratic Debate

Trump Steals Spotlight During Democratic Debate

Last night, for the first time since April 2008, Democratic presidential hopefuls took to the debate stage to discuss the issues that have become the left’s platform in 2015: gun control, foreign policy and the nation’s massive student loan debt.

The debate, which was hosted by CNN, reeled in as many as 15.3 million people, making it the most watched Democratic debate in history. For a number of reasons, this viewership of this debate still pales in comparison to the two Republican debates earlier this election season. (For comparison’s sake, Fox’s Republican debate got about¬†25 million viewers, and CNN’s Republican debate got around 23 million viewers.) It’s easy to see that this election cycle’s Republican debates definitely had a level of entertainment that the Democratic debate lacked, and that entertainment can be summed up in one name: Donald Trump.


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But not to worry: Trump was on standby, live-tweeting the Democratic debate. Trump even managed to steal some of the spotlight from the Democrats; much of today’s news cycle focused on Trump’s Twitter reactions to Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, another day that Trump managed to get the media talking about his campaign without having to purchase any TV ads.

Here are some of Trump’s best reactions to the first Democratic debate of the 2016 campaign season:

At some point, he even seemed to show admiration of some of the Democrats.

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And we had a lot of fun watching you live-tweet it, Trump.

Trump’s live-tweeting of the debate is reminiscent of Sanders’s half-hearted live-tweeting of the Republican debate. With a few debates to go, this surely won’t be the last time the candidates take to Twitter to give us their play-by-play.

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  • The Democrats and liberal media outlets are doing more for Trump then Trump. Are the clicks, views and laughs really worth it when this guy could actually win the nomination? And if he did with a two party system actually could have the oval office.

    I hope the hate of a screwed up system by putting the most screwed up guy that has ever ran at the top is worth it for the 99.5 percent of the population he really doesn’t think are in his class at all, including the people that think he is great by how much noise he makes.

    We won’t have to worry about immigration if he wins. Who in gawds name would want to come here then.

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