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Tumblr Accidentally Claims To Be Top 10 Website, Takes It Back

Tumblr Accidentally Claims To Be Top 10 Website, Takes It Back

Tumblr Blog Network Top 10 Status

Tumblr CEO?David Karp?jumped the gun a little bit on Monday when he announced that his uber-popular blogging platform had reached top 10 US website status. Karp made his announcement after numbers were revealed by third-party analytics firm Quantcast.

In a Tumblr post Karp revealed that the website now boasts 170 million users. Karp then linked to the Quancast page for Tumblr which shows?202,637,856 visits to Tumblr per month in the US alone, and 616,776,768 visits worldwide. Quantcast numbers also showed?users per month was 60,803,592 in the US and 168,243,984 worldwide.

While Tumblr is not ranked within the top 10 worldwide websites it is still ranked a very impressive 15th. Tumblr is also ranked as the #9 network.?

There is a very real chance that Tumblr mistook its top 10 network status as a Top 10 overall website status.

According to Mr. Karp’s proceeding blog post:

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?Scratch that [the earlier post]: I anxiously published this post this morning, not sure if we would hold on to the #10 spot when the rankings refreshed this afternoon.

Turns out the holiday pushed us to #9!?:)??

Okay so Tumblr isn’t a top 10 destination at this time, but when you’re dealing with hundreds of millions of pageviews you still have plenty to brag about.

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