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TV Show About Blogger Tanks

TV Show About Blogger Tanks

There’s a very good chance that you did not watch the premier of quarterlife on NBC last night. The show, which centers around a young female blogger, drew in a measly 3.86 million viewers. That’s less than enough to qualify the show as an official out-of-the-gate bomb.

Originally debuted on MySpace last year, NBC acquired the rights to the show in a Hail Mary attempt during the writer’s strike.

It is possible that the show recovers, but the more interesting question is the impact this will have on content creators who aspire to move their products off the Web to the small (or big) screen.

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It should be noted that the show was placed in an unfortunate time slot (Wednesday at 10pm ET vs. Jericho and Primetime). However, the microscopic-sized audience might also be attributable to the fact that the show was already slipping – as far as viewers – before it left the Web.

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  • Perhaps people see the word Blog in the TV outlook and their eyes glaze over. Why should a TV show about a blogger be interesting? Why not a show about a radio reporter, or a radio entertainer? Just because blogging is trendy, it should attract a huge audience?

  • Just because it was about a blogger may not be why it tanked….it may have been just a poor production…but I do agree that it may affect how or create questions about web to small or large screen…it will work out though…

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