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Tweetdeck Gets A Facelift With Sleek Interface, Improved Management Tools

Tweetdeck Gets A Facelift With Sleek Interface, Improved Management Tools

Tweetdeck Improved

Tweetdeck on Tuesday rolled out a new version of its social media management application, allowing users to better navigate through tweets while more easily handling multiple accounts.

The new update is available for Mac OS X, Chrome and windows operating systems and brings with it the ability to show columns in one horizontal row. The new update also offers an updated menu icon for every tweet which provides instant access to various actions including creating a list, deleting a post or reporting a user for spam without leaving the apps main view window.

Tweetdeck’s app update comes at a time when Twitter is winning over more fans by adding better member access through an advanced search feature which allows for member, hashtag and mentions searching. Twitter this week also announced autocomplete, related suggestions and iPhone/Android app updates.

As shown in the video below users can move columns by hovering over the drag icon which is located to the right of the column, then dropping it wherever it belongs.

Tweetdeck has also added gesture support with left and right swiping being utilized to scroll through columns.

Users will also appreciate the ability to choose “View Conversation” to see a full Twitter conservation based off the original tweet.

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You can download the new app at for Windows and Chrome. Mac OS X users will have to wait for the program to be accepted into the Apple App Store.

Here’s a video demonstration of Tweetdeck’s new features:

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