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TweetDeck Gives Google Buzz And Foursquare Love With Newest Update

TweetDeck Gives Google Buzz And Foursquare Love With Newest Update

TweetDeck is one of the most popular cross-platform social apps available and now the platform has become even more appealing and far-reaching, adding support for Google Buzz and Foursquare.

The newest version (v 0.34) also brings the ability to use any Twitter-compatible APIs, with further access to Tumblr, WordPress and StatusNet. Users can also use filters that include global filters and scheduled posts.

The announcement comes just hours before the company is expected to announce a new round of Series B funding.

TweetDeck was one of the first companies invited by Google to test the Google Buzz API (an announcement made yesterday), the one day turn around on that announcement is definitely a welcomed edition to the desktop client.

According to ReadWriteWeb the Buzz integration lets users send updates to Buzz, view posts, like and comment on friends’ posts directly from a stand-alone buzz column found within the application. Users can also expand and collapse comments from within their column based system.

With Foursquare users can add their account to a column in TweetDeck and then view friends’ location-based updates and use embeddable Google Map capabilities to visualize friends locations.

If you want to geo-tag your posts that option has also been integrated for Tweets, Buzz and Foursquare updates.

For Rich Media fans you can now upload your videos to 12seconds and TwitVid and even schedule updates for a later time, while the global filters option will let you remove feed entries from all TweetDeck columns based on your own search terms.

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TweetDeck is expected to add more capabilities to the new programs as their APIs expand and they have more time to play around with their integration. With their new round of funding being announced today we expect that the desktop based application will continue to focus on offering more options to a larger base of users and the applications they use.

Here’s a screenshot of the programs Google Buzz feature with embeddable Google Maps:

TweetDeck Google Buzz Feature - Screenshot

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