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Tweetminster launches Wire: UK politics niche Twitter app

Tweetminster launches Wire: UK politics niche Twitter app

tweetminster-wire-screenshotTweetminster, the web service that tracks British politicians’ use of Twitter, has announced a beta version of its Adobe Air-based Tweetminster Wire desktop application.

The service is designed to make it easier to track conversations about UK politics, including live streams on MPs and PPCs (prospective parliamentary candidates) who use Twitter, tweets from all major parties, UK parliament and government tweets, relevant conversations, plus any posts including the #tmwire hashtag.

Other features include the ability to search tweets, view and compare topics and identify trends in UK politics.

Under the hood it’s a fairly standard Twitter desktop client reminiscent of Tweekdeck. However, it’s supposed to reduce the noise of the general Twitterverse by narrowing down tweets to those that are relevant to UK politics. Presumably it’s not going to get this right all the time, but for anyone with an interest in UK politics who doesn’t want to do the legwork of setting up their own searches and finding relevant people to follow, it could be a useful application.

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Version 0.9 is available now.

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