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Twidroyd And UberTwitter Restored After Various Twitter API Violations

Twidroyd And UberTwitter Restored After Various Twitter API Violations

ubermedia logoUberMedia apps Ubersocial (previously known as UberTwitter) and Twidroyd are back online today after nearly two days of no Twitter access due to various violations.

A Twitter rep told Mashable that the programs were banned from the company’s API for “multiple violations” which included, but were not limited to “a privacy issue with direct messages longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement and changing the content of users’ tweets to make money.”

After UberMedia fixed issues with their program CEO Bill Gross tweeted:

“Happy to say that UberSocial and Twidroyd are back online.”

As you’ll notice the name of the program has changed from “UberTwitter” to “UberSocial” since the Twitter name was in violation of the company’s trademark.

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It’s still also unclear if UberMedia has actually purchased TweetDeck but if they have it will be interesting to see if Twitter goes after them for using the word “Tweet” in their name.

Personally I have no respect for any program that changes my Tweets to make money off my name, while I love updating from my Google Android device, I’ll be doing so by more official means.

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