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Twig embeds video ads onto your blog

Twig embeds video ads onto your blog

The guys from VideoEgg have recently unveiled Twig, a form of video advertising that combines pop up vids with a sticky toolbar that hovers like a “twig” above or below your browser’s frame.

Twig looks like the familiar hovering bar we see in several media sites like Digg and Facebook when we click on external links. Although we may have mixed emotions about the implementation of a pseudo intrusive app on our blogs, the model does address the query of advertisers who want a guarantee that their call to action is always visible.

What I find most interesting about the service is that you’re not really just viewing video. It’s a full micro site allowing you to do anything you would have done inside a regular site — such as download music, embed text, links, etc. Very interesting.

Is Twig something you’d want to try?

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