Now Reading to Search Your Forum to Search Your Forum is a new search engine, geared at forums and online communities. They’ve been around since January, and as the site shows, it is still very much beta. Not only the actual service, but the site as well – the how to use page is lacking, for example.

Nevertheless, it looks like an interesting service that might fill a void. This from a press release recently sent out:

“Online forums are an established medium people have been using to communicate since the early days of the internet, even predating the web. The number of users of these forums has been consistently growing year over year, and recent estimates of U.S. users alone exceeds 50 million,” said Kevin Shea, General Manager for “As more users become active, more forums have been created and this trend is continuing. Our goal is to help these internet users to participate in discussions, ask questions, get answers and offer advice by providing a resource that organizes this category of online content and uncovers the discussions that interest them. We expect to be an invaluable resource for forum users and owners.”

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Check out, and tell me what you think of this service. Are they filling a need, or is Google enough?

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  • I heard from several sources that people didnt recieve the product they bought from amazon
    is this true?

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