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Twitpic Adds Video To Twitter

Twitpic Adds Video To Twitter

TwitpicReady to ditch 140 characters and start showing off your personal videos to your Twitter followers?

Twitpic today revealed their new video sharing option and it’s a must have feature for anyone looking to market themselves even better on Twitter.

The new feature will also help aid citizen journalists as they continue to beat big media to major events, allowing for “on-the-scene” footage to be uploaded and shared to their Twitter followers in near real-time.

Sure you could just upload your videos to youtube and then share them on Twitter, but that really takes a user away from their Twitter core and with this new method those followers can respond in the same 140 characters they are accustomed with.

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At this time users can’t show their videos directly on their Twitter web interface, however thumbnails will show up and Twitpic Founder Noah Everett says they will work with Twitter in the near future to have an integrated solution put in place.

What creative solutions will you be using this new video sharing feature for?

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