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Twittamentary Hopes To Capture The Effects Twitter Has On Everyday Life

Twittamentary Hopes To Capture The Effects Twitter Has On Everyday Life

Twittamentary LogoTan Siok Siok, a documentary filmmaker from Singapore has created Twittamentary, an “experimental documentary about the everyday people who use Twitter.”

On the surface the idea of creating a documentary about a service that offers just 140 character messages may seem absurd, boring even, however Siok uses their film making skills to examine the core users of Twitter and how the network affects not only the users everyday life, but the life of those around them.

As should be expected, the movie, even while airing allows users to socially interact with the films production team in real time, creating a social experiment within their social experiment, while creating one of the most interactive movies to date.

So what should you expect from Twittamentary? Here’s how the documentary is filmed and displayed according to ReadWriteWeb:

  • The movie is comprised of stories gathered via Twitter
  • The final stories were chosen using feedback on the web via Twitter
  • The contributors were filmed on a road trip from NY – Chicago – LA: with a production crew sourced via Twitter
  • Social Media users are interacting with – and shaping the narrative – via Twitter at live beta screening Tweetups
  • Virtual beta screenings are “unlocked” on this site with every 1,000 new followers of @Twittamentary on Twitter.
  • After this final round of crowd sourced feedback we’ll have a final cut ready to premier later in the year
  • Promotion will primarily be via… Twitter.

Still confused? Here’s the first sneak peak trailer for the Twitter documentary:

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I find it interesting that many users have embraced the complete pointlessness that Twitter has brought to some of their lives, as the one user says in the preview trailer, he knew it was the place for him when he realized he could Tweet about the most mundane details and people would actually want to read his Tweets.

I personally find Twitter useful so let’s start our own Twittamentary on this page, leave a comment and tell everyone why you use Twitter and how it has been useful or completely useless in your own life.

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