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Twitter And Nielsen Team Up To Improve Ratings System

Twitter And Nielsen Team Up To Improve Ratings System

Twitter and Nielsen PartnershipNielsen Ratings has been called antiquated and out-of-touch with today’s media landscape, Twitter on the other hand offers semantic results that web browsers create through millions of interactions. Together the two company’s hope to create a TV measurement system that brings ratings to the twenty first century.

The new ratings metric will debut in Fall 2013 and while the Nielsen’s rating system will remain in place it will be complemented by new Twitter data that is presented on top of the SocialGuide platform created by NM Incite.

In its official press release?Nielsen?writes:

?Our users love the shared experience of watching television while engaging with other viewers and show talent. Twitter has become the world?s?digital water cooler, where?conversations about TV happen in real time. Nielsen is who the networks rely on to give better content to viewers and clearer results to marketers,? said Chloe Sladden, Twitter?s vice president of media. ?This effort reflects Nielsen?s foresight into the evolving nature of the TV viewing experience, and we?re looking forward to collaborating with Twitter ecosystem partners on this metric to help broadcasters and advertisers create truly social TV experiences.?

According to SocialNewsDaily:

Twitter goes hand-in-hand with television considering that?33 percent of users actively tweeted about TV shows?as of June 2012. Taking data from the social network into consideration will bring TV ratings into the 21st century. Advertisers are set to benefit as real-time data will allow them to better assess where to invest their advertising dollars.

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With most home television sets in the United States now relying on digital set top boxes its quite amazing to think that cable company’s have not yet implemented an anonymous system to allow for exact TV watching numbers.


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