Twitter Cutting Some Tweets Down To 117 Characters

Twitter Shortener Services Leads to Shorter Tweets AllowedIf you can’t collect your thoughts in 140 characters you might soon find yourself with 23 less. Twitter is planning to cut down URL containing tweets from 118 characters for HTTP links and just 117 for HTTPS containing URLs.

Currently a Tweet can scale to 119 characters when a Twitter URL shortener is used.

On Thursday Twitter announced the movie, noting that it was necessary because of upcoming changes to the Twitter link wrapper. The new revision extends wrapped links from 20 to 22 characters for HTTP URLS and 21 to 23 characters for HTTPS links.

Because Twitter’s shortener service will now use more space Twitter will give up some space from a customers Tweets.?

The new shorter Twitter messages won’t go into effect until February 20, 2013.

Twitter made the announcement early so 3rd party developers would have time to adjust their applications to recognize the change in Tweet lengths allowed for HTTP and HTTPS link embedded tweets.

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Will the shorter message length for Twitter tweets bother you?



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