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Twitter Demos Ping Integration [Video]

Twitter Demos Ping Integration [Video]

Twitter Ping Integration

Twitter is moving quite fast this week, On Thursday morning we reported that Ping Integration was coming to the social network and later than afternoon they were already showing off the new feature which brings iTunes song previews to

The new video demonstration of the integration shows how Twitter can now be used as a forum for music discovery.

Unfortunately the video demo is more of an ad than an actual product demonstration of the Ping, Twitter relationship. Although the sleek design and what appears to be an easy to navigate interface shows that Twitter is taking the partnership serious.

It’s still unclear what type of compensation Twitter will receive from the partnership or if users will appreciate discovering music in 140 characters or less, but at least this type of functionality beats a new Twitter interface.

Here’s the video:

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Are you willing to discover music via Twitter? At least now I can waste a little more of my time doing something semi-productive through my Twitter account.

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