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Twitter Does Spring Cleaning

Twitter Does Spring Cleaning

I’ve been waiting for the blog post about the changes over at Twitter. Among other things, search is on the top of the page now (which it should be of course), and there are some changes done to both profile pages when not logged in, and the find and follow pages. Read all about it in the launch post, and be sure to follow The Blog Herald on Twitter.

This is the first step in our current effort to clean up a few areas of the site that we know need some work. We have a few more fixes to make in the near future (also for SMS and before we get on to the exciting new features we have planned for the rest of the year!

Really? Here’s hoping it’ll be more local SMS numbers, but I’m guessing it involves MMS:ing images and video. What do you think?

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  • Please please please be posting pics directly from the phone. I know about TwitPic, and I haven’t bothered to set up mobile postings yet. But if image posts were “native,” I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  • I am having a lot of problems trying to come up with what else Twitter can do, the ability to MMS pictures to Twitter is one thing but they can barely keep their servers up just dealing with text, picture messaging is probably quite a ways off.

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