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Twitter enables SMS delivery for Vodafone UK customers

Twitter enables SMS delivery for Vodafone UK customers

Last year Twitter withdrew a number of its Twitter-to-SMS services, citing the charges levied upon it by mobile operators in order to send messages as the reason.

The UK was one country hit by the change, but Twitter has announced at least a partial return to receiving tweets via text message, even if it is a bit stingy.

For a start, you have to be a Vodafone UK customer. Granted, that’s a pretty large number of British mobile users but hardly exhaustive.

Sending tweets via text message works just like a normal SMS. It will eat into whatever allowance you have in your contract, after which it will cost the same as a standard message. For the first few weeks, sending tweets to Twitter won’t cost anything.

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Apparently, “Vodafone loves Twitter” which is why receiving tweets from other people won’t cost anything. I have to wonder how long this will last. Perhaps Vodafone thinks its customers will get fed up with the continual interruption of incoming tweets before they follow too many people.

Vodafone UK users can get going straight away by activating a mobile in Twitter settings and then using the short text code 86444.

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