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Twitter Enters Blogging Platform Space, Acquires Posterous

Twitter Enters Blogging Platform Space, Acquires Posterous

Twitter PosterousTwitter has just made a major leap forward in blogging by purchase Posterour, a blogging platform that came out of a 2008 Y Combinator sponsorship.

The platform operates just like WordPress and Tumblr by allowing users to create free blogging accounts which they can then use to post stuff on their “Spaces.”

Posterous has focused on “ease of use” which means an 8-year-old or an 80-year-old can literally figure out the system in no time at all.

On the Twitter blog the acquisition appears to be more of a talent buy:

“Posterous engineers, product managers and others will join our teams working on several key initiatives that will make Twitter even better.”

The move to jump further into the blogging space that requires more than 140-characters comes at a time when Tumblr has managed to rack up billions of pageviews with millions of blog users taking part in the platform.

According to Twitter all Posterous Spaces will¬†“remain up and running without disruption.”

The move makes sense from a logistical standpoint as Twitter could potentially creating a blogging platform in which they use Twitter links to draw traffic to their own blogging platform rather than sending users to Tumblr and WordPress based accounts.

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Monetary details regarding the acquisition have not been revealed.

Would you use Twitter as your one-stop source for tweeting, blogging and picture posting if the company combined all of its products into a simple to use multi-application platform?


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