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Twitter Eyes Its Own Video Hosting Service

Twitter Eyes Its Own Video Hosting Service

Twitter Online VideoIf Twitter rumors are correct the social media micro-blogging service could soon replace third-party developers TwitVid, yFrog and VodPod while offering its own self-hosted video service. The company is rumored to currently be working on a service that would complement the photo sharing option the company rolled out earlier this year.

First reported by?Mike Isaac of AllThingsD?he claims:

?Twitter is considering building its own video-hosting technology.”

Isaac further ads that the move is meant to remove third-party video hosts because of compatibility issues:

?While these video services take some of the heavy lifting off Twitter, they also create difficulties.? For one, Twitter has no control over the changes others make to their products.? Yet often, Twitter must deal with the fallout when these changes occur.?

An in-house solution also makes sense from an advertising perspective. My having users upload their videos directly to Twitter the social network can monetize the videos with in-line ads, much like those found on YouTube. Third-party videos currently do not earn Twitter money.

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Twitter has done a better job of monetizing its website than Facebook over the last year and while its network is smaller the micro-blogging service ?typically understands and implements non-intrusive user ads better than its social networking competitors.

Would you use a Twitter created video hosting service?

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