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Twitter For Blackberry Embraces…Facebook?!

Twitter For Blackberry Embraces…Facebook?!

RIM has just announced that the Twitter for Blackberry app is no longer in beta, and is now ready to be embraced by Blackberry addicts everywhere (at least officially that is).

But what may surprise Blackberry addicts is not the new features added to the app, but rather the social network RIM decided to embrace within their Twitter client.

Reading, writing and responding to tweets is the core of the Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones experience. Below you’ll find instructions on the three basic ways to send a tweet out to the world (posting a tweet, retweeting and replying to tweets), as well as sharing tweets with others and adding cool things to your tweets like links and photos. […]

Send a tweet to an external application (ie. Facebook or email) (Official Blackberry Blog)

Despite its name, Twitter has never officially embraced Blackberry devices, and even refuses to support issues related to the Blackberry app (which means those experiencing problems have to contact RIM).

Although this revelation may upset a few BB fans (especially since Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android are supported), the lack of tweet support could be a blessing in disguise as it means the Blackberry app can embrace other social networks in the future (like the upcoming Google Me).

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Either way the Twitter for Blackberry app appears to be fairly impressive, although unlike its iBrother the BB app lacks video support as well as multiple image uploading.

RIM is promising to add more features to the app in the future, although if any Blackberry users have any problems, they may have to contact @BlackberryHelp (instead of Twitter) if they encounter any issues.

(via Mashable)

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