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Twitter Has A New, Better Search Engine

Twitter Has A New, Better Search Engine

Twitter SearchMost users probably won’t notice any differences when they use the Twitter search function, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been approved.

Twitter announced today that they have changed the architectural way in which their search platform makes queries to their systems database.

According to Twitter, the new functionality allows for a better system of scale, including the ability to index more Tweets per second, while using less Twitter system resources, an important improvement given the number of recent fail whales.

According to several sources, the new program is no longer using MySQL queries due to the issues that arise when trying to manage an ever increasing database with the program.

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Twitter developers plan to continue in the development of their search program, with plans to announce new and exciting offerings in the coming months.

What would you like to see from Twitter in terms of what their search program offers? Also, I would like to know what “issues of scale” developers at Twitter are running into with MySQL.

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