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Twitter on the Web: Not Exactly Up to Date

Twitter on the Web: Not Exactly Up to Date

The recent Twitter redesign is a nice update, and I like the latest tweet area below the post box on my page. However, it is hardly up to date, as the image above proves.

Have you seen anything else that is funky in the new Twitter design? Besides the fact that there still isn’t a search box, that is…

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  • The problem with young startups like Twitter (and Newsvine) is that they don’t have any corporate discipline. They spend all their time making their pages a little bit more pretty, or adding just one more shiny (but ultimately useless) feature. 90% innovation, 10% fixing bugs or design flaws from the previous 90%. Nothing that annoys users/customers ever gets fixed and so their relative value as an entity never goes up, it just stagnates.

    Do you think IM is ever coming back? Does anyone honestly believe they’ve spent as much time working on it as they did adding the little note in your sidebar (which is gone now that everyone is used to that feature being disappeared)?

    Of course not. Why would anyone want to slave away for a couple months fixing a flawed architecture when they can spend their lazy afternoons playing with page designs?

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