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Twitter Rapidly Moving Towards $1 Billion In Annual Revenue

Twitter Rapidly Moving Towards $1 Billion In Annual Revenue

Twitter AdsIf you asked us ten years ago if a company basing its strategy around 140 character micro-blogging could become a billion dollar industry we would have laughed at you. However, Twitter is on track to increase its revenue from an estimated $583 million in 2013 to a cool $1 billion in ad revenue in 2014.

According to industry analyst eMarketer, Twitter will beat 2014 estimates from September by a full 20 percent.

The prediction claims that Twitter will earn more than half of its 2013 earnings from its mobile focus. eMarketer also believes the social network will increase its mobile platform dollars by 60 percent by 2015.

In its analysis eMarketer explains that Twitter’s quickly growing revenue successes are based around its ability to quickly deploy new ad types to mobile devices. The company notes that ad units are part of Twitters basic product which makes cross device implementation simple and effective. 

Twitter is also benefiting from its competitors efforts in convincing advertisers to spend more money on mobile ads.

To put Twitter’s ad spend into perspective, the micro-blogging service earned almost no money from mobile ads in 2011 and $138.4 million from mobile ads in 2012.

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Do you think Twitter ads can continue to increase at such a rapid rate in the years to come?



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