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Twitter Reschedules Downtime Because Of Iran

Twitter Reschedules Downtime Because Of Iran

Twitter is one, if not the, information source and communication tool for what is happening in Iran right now, post-election. While some blogs, like Sheherazade in Blue Jeans, do their best to cover what is happening, others are not so lucky. According to Reuters, Iran has banned foreign media journalist from leaving their offices, stopping the from covering the protests on the streets of Tehran.

The Culture Ministry said journalists could continue to work from their offices but that it was cancelling press accreditation for all foreign media.

“No journalist has permission to report or film or take pictures in the city,” a Culture Ministry official told Reuters.

And now Twitter’s provider, NTT America, has rescheduled downtime to ensure that the service isn’t unavailable when needed. A very appealing move, no matter what reasons the cynics might think of.

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