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Twitter Restricts @Reply System

Twitter Restricts @Reply System

Twitter’s recent change to their @Replies system has caused some controversy. TechCrunch puts it well

Gee, thanks Twitter. I didn’t realize that an option I manually activated was undesirable. Any other things I shouldn’t like that you’d like to make me aware of?

What they have effectively done is removed the feature that allowed people to opt-in to all replies, regardless of if you are following all the parties in a conversation.

The problem is this is one of the ways I have found people to follow.

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If you @reply someone I don’t know then I am going to check them out if your conversation looks interesting. I’m sure many folks do the same thing. It’s kind of like listening in to a conversation at a cocktail party, that is how you know when it is time to switch groups and follow the trail to where the good chats are taking place.

Now I am sure Twitter folks think they are doing the right thing, but it is strange they are removing features that harm nothing rather than improve the service?

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  • That’s annoying. I, too, found new people to follow that way. Does this affect searches as well? Are we now unable to see searches for keywords where anyone has used an @ reply in them? If so, what’s the point of taking it off messages if you can still find them that way? If not, there goes the much-touted great effectiveness for organizations to respond when they see a problem.

    I guess it’s time to start looking for the next twitter.

  • Chris I agree some of the best resources have found has been by contacting people with the @chrisgarrett. It has given me the opportunity to make a connection to you, introduce myself added to your discussion, offer a comment, advice, or even ask you for help if so needed. It they decide to remove that option for good @bethrosen then that opens the door for up and coming micro bloggings upstart to jump in and offer that valuable feature. Most of the people whom I have found and connected with the @ have turned out to be very helpful, resourceful, and I have developed partnerships with some of them…thanks for your great post…Beth

  • nice information Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what you thinking and giving a great effect on key word ’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I saw a post on how most Twitter users do not use the service, and thought I’d expand some thoughts The majority of my friends do not Tweet. Nor does my family. They do not care about it. They see “follow us on Twitter” during TV broadcasts and don’t know why they should.perhaps is a good way increase your knowledge..

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