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Twitter Rolling Out Promoted Ads Suit In 50 New Countries

Twitter Rolling Out Promoted Ads Suit In 50 New Countries

Promoted TweetsTwitter on Thursday announced plans to roll out its suite of advertising products to 50 more countries, a big push to increase revenue outside of the United States.

Twitter’s Promoted Ads suite which includes Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts will start with Latin America and then carry over to western Europe including Germany and Spain. Twitter currently only offers Promoted ads in the U.S., UK and Japan.

When asked about exact time frames for the platform Twitter CEO Dick Costola revealed:

“There is a ton of demand but we don’t have dates as yet.”

Latin America will roll out “later this year” with Western Europe to follow.

Interesting side note, Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing region for Twitter use.

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With Twitter expected to bring in $259.9 million in ad revenue in 2012 and 90% of that revenue coming from the United States it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the platform is planning to rapidly expand its advertising platform in the near future.

Costolo also revealed that 60% of Twitter users are now engaging with mobile devices and that on same days mobile revenue actually exceeds non-mobile revenue.


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