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Twitter Rolls Out Promoted Tweets For Mobile Apps

Twitter Rolls Out Promoted Tweets For Mobile Apps

Promoted Tweets For MobileTwitter has announced the release of the company’s Promoted Tweets advertising platform for mobile devices.

The new advertising platform joins the Promoted Accounts on users’ mobile devices while advertisers will be able to choose if their Promoted Tweets appear on iOS, Android or other mobile platforms.

Twitter said of the new platform that targeting is:

“Great for brands who want to increase the prominence and reach of their message to a particular type of mobile user. For example, mobile game and app sellers can now pinpoint the users who are likely to purchase their products.”

Promoted Tweets will appear in a users timeline only one time and Twitter says only “relevant” tweets will be shown to mobile users. If you don’t think a promoted tweet is relevant just swipe the timeline and delete it.

Twitter has also noted that as users scroll down the timeline the Promoted Tweets will follow along with them.

Twitter generated $139.5 million in ad sales throughout 2011 and with Google announcing an expected $3 billion in mobile ad revenue in 2012 it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the social network is jumping further into the mobile adverts game.

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The 140-character social network is expected to increase revenues in 2012 by 86.3% to $259.9 million.

Do you think Promoted Tweets will be an annoying addition or a welcomed targeting advertisement?


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