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Twitter Rolls Out User Galleries, Shows Last 100 Tweeted Photos

Twitter Rolls Out User Galleries, Shows Last 100 Tweeted Photos

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Twitter on Monday rolled out their new user galleries feature which shows users a gallery of theirs and their followers last 100 tweeted photos from major services including yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram and Twitter’s own native image galleries.

Users can find the new galleries on user profile pages when visiting Twitter through the standard web interface.

The gallery displays up to 100 recent images in chronological order, although videos won’t be displayed at this time and images Tweeted before January 1, 2010 are also not included in galleries.

Twitter users will also notice that profile pages now display thumbnails of the user’s four most recent tweeted photos, pictures that are located directly under the users Twitter statistics, while the “View All” link located under those four photos will open the 100 picture user gallery.

The social network has no plans to bring the program to the masses at this time and according to ReadWriteWeb:

As we have discussed in the past, considering Twitter’s need to monetize, bringing multimedia in-house and attracting more users to the website, rather than third-party clients, could be key to Twitter’s future business plans.

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It should be noted that at this time the gallery only offers chronological sorting which means it won’t replace your Flickr account at this time, however when news stories are breaking and certain users are taking various photos the service could act as a real-time stream of photographic information.

Do you plan on browsing your friends Twitter shared photos in the near future? If not, what features would entice you to adopt the Twitter user galleries into your everyday routine.


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