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Twitter Says It’s Business Time

Twitter Says It’s Business Time

I can’t see any other reason than Twitter wanting to open the partner floodgates with this blog post, profiling the recently hired business manager Kevin Thau. Sure, a welcome post is nice and all, but doesn’t this scream “please get in touch with your brilliant monetizing ideas so that we can make a few bucks!!!” to you?

For now, Kevin is assessing all opportunities, picking up ongoing threads, and also actively working on our mobile business strategy. If you send email to our partner address or to kevin (at) then you will be corresponding with the intrepid Mr. Thau.

Maybe I’m cynical, but I don’t think they have any solid ideas on how to monetize Twitter, other than the obvious ad solutions. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong and do something funky with the mobile carriers?

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  • I’m pretty sure the word on the street is the Twitter community really just wants more digital security. Whether marketing through this device is going to be effective or not as time progresses will be dependent on this.

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