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Twitter Study Reveals The Secret To More Followers

Twitter Study Reveals The Secret To More Followers

Twitter stats by followersIf you want more Twitter followers you need to send out more tweets. That’s the basic premise behind a new study which examined billions of tweets in order to unlock the secret to obtaining Twitter followers.

Performed by?Beevolve the social analytics research including analyzing 36 million user accounts with 28 billion tweets. On average the company was able to examine 794 tweets per person over a three year period.

The study found that people who send between 1 and 1000 tweets have on average 51-100 followers. People who tweets at least 10,000 messages have obtained 1,001 to 5,000 followers and people who send 15,000 tweets or more tend to have between 100,001 and 1 million followers.

There are of course exceptions, such as celebrities who can receive hundreds of thousands, even millions of followers just by sending their first tweet.?

The study titled??An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Around the World? also showcases demographics, follower stats, gender preferences, favorite keywords and smartphone/app preferences.

The research found that the average Twitter user is 28-years-old and female whose first language is English. The study found that those women users on average have 208 followers.

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The study also found that popular Tweeted words include ?family,? ?technology,? ?entertainment,? ?education? and ?publishing.?

So basically if you want to succeed on Twitter you need to tweet a lot, just keep in mind that no one cares what you ate for breakfast.


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