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Twitter Telling Touiteur To Change Their Name?

Twitter Telling Touiteur To Change Their Name?

Apparently Twitter is talking tough to a third party app on Android who apparently is violating Twitter’s trademarked name.

At first glance it may seem a little overboard for Twitter to be going after Touiteur (as the spellings are completely different last I checked), but upon closer examination it looks like Twitter may actually have legal grounds regarding this case.

Touiteur (pronounced as “Twitter” but with a french accent), is a new Twitter client for the Android platform. Developed by LevelUp Studio, responsible of the top application Beautiful Widgets and the Android Developer Challenge 2 winner FoxyRing, Touiteur will revolutionize the twitter usage on your mobile. (Touiteur Product Page).

Ironically this isn’t the first mobile app with a name to offend Twitter, as there has been at least three iOS apps sporting the Twitter name in the past (all who either became extinct or changed their name).

While this author appreciates the humor of LevelUp Stuido (the company behind Touiteur) naming of the app, Twitter apparently is not laughing about the matter which probably explains why  is asking fans for suggestions on a new name.

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Thus far Plume (which means feather) is winning the vote, although hopefully Touiteur is able to secure the tweet account of the winning name (as thus far @plume is already taken).

(Hat Tip: Android Central)

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