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Twitter used to find owner of lost cell-phone

Twitter used to find owner of lost cell-phone

You no longer have to rely on a service like Lojack – or its cell phone equivalent – to find a lost cell phone it seems.

Wired carries the story of UC Berkeley Student Scot Hacker who lost his cell phone on campus only to have a tech-savvy individual find the phone and send an SMS message to the most recent SMS recipient.. Twitter.

The mystery tweet read simply:

Hi.i found this phone.could you tell me how to find the owner..

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After being reconnected with his phone, Hacker posted this tweet:

Whoa – Twitter found my phone! What an amazing network

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  • Yeah, it was a pretty groovy experience – everything just clicked like magic in the middle of a bad day.

    n.b.: I’m a staffer, not a student.

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