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Twitter used to write collaborative opera lyrics

Twitter used to write collaborative opera lyrics

royal-opera-house-logoThe Royal Opera House has announced that it’s opening up the writing of lyrics for a new opera to users of Twitter.

It’s simple: search for @youropera and then add a line of 140 characters or less.

Tweets will be compiled and sent to be scored by composer Helen Porter, and will be performed at the Deloitte Ignite 09 (4-6 September, Royal Opera House, London).

It’s not clear when submissions will be accepted until, but it probably won’t be long now because it has to be transformed into music and rehearsed in less than a month’s time.

Find out more at, or read the libretto so far. It’s… interesting:

“A small bird twitters over there, He sings without a single care, If only we could be so free, Without the worries and the …

concerns of a nihilist. I would bring you flowers, but they would die. I would love you, but, why?

The bird responded, “Flowers they are strange to me, The fruits of nature that I see, Are worms and seeds and cats and rats –

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“Nuts, i love hazelnuts.” Bang! The bird dropped from the sky, dead, its tiny wings were frozen.

he woman looks at the bird sadly, she is confused: “William, I’m not sure where this is going for us”

‘Darling, I must tell you. I can’t stand you – no, stronger. You are a horse. And now escape is what I long for.’

She sighed, “Why am I standing here, listening you sing to a bird? I have my career as a biochemist to be getting on with.”

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