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Twitter VIP Concierge: helping celebs for not much cash

Twitter VIP Concierge: helping celebs for not much cash

Those working near or in Hollywood and already “well-connected to the Hollywood publicity machine” may want to consider limbering up for a rather vague job opening with Twitter.

Although Twitter admits that “we don’t have a description written for this yet”, there are a few clues on the job listing.

Apparently, “the job is to be a ‘high touch’ point of contact at Twitter for the burgeoning number of celebrities on the service”, ensuring that celebs are happy and using the product effectively.

Sounds fairly heavily weighted to those celebs frequenting Hollywood rather than the mass of more local (non-US) stars. Then again, thinking about the British talent we already follow (Fry, Ross, Brand, Izzard, Schofield, etc.) they don’t seem to need a huge amount of help in this area. They’ve either learned to Twitter themselves, or are using their existing publicity/PR machines to do it for them.

Interesting that Twitter has decided to advertise this. I wonder where they got the whisper that celebrities needed a helping hand with their Twitter PR?

Applicants will need to be tech savvy enough to answer questions and solve basic problems. I’m obviously nowhere near the target audience for this, because I baulked at the “this is a very sweet gig for someone” line.

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Qualifications? Just “etc.” at the moment, I’m afraid, though unsurprisingly you get “bonus points” for being an active Twitter user.

(Via Tech Radar)

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