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Twitter Will Fail

Twitter Will Fail

Those are not my words, but the words of The Industry Standard, ranking 10 online services that will succeed and fail. Among the losers is Twitter, Joost, Squidoo, and Second Life, while winners include Hulu,, and SceneCaster.

Can Twitter fail, with all its evangelists, and the fact that 10 Downing Street is on it? In my opinion, only complete negligence and total idiocy can make it fail. Via.

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  • Twitter won’t fail, and I’ll explain why, for the past several years social networking has always been thought of as one website that bundles a whole bunch of services together on to one network that helps you communicate with your friends, none of those bundled services have ever really been executed very well. Where I think the world of social networking is going is toward users picking a few services that you as a user bundle together by using RSS and APIs to build your own kind of social network, and since each of those services are there own business and are focused a bit more, each of those services is executed perfectly.

    This way no one is signed up for a service they don’t want to use and aren’t punished because developers are spending time on features you don’t care about, the developers for the services you use are spending all of their time making the service that you use better.

    WordPress + Twitter + Flickr + YouTube
    beats MySpace any day because MySpace doesn’t have the man power to deal with all of those services independently which means none of them are as good as they should be.

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