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Two New b5media Blogs Launched

Two New b5media Blogs Launched

Another two b5media blogs launched recently. Marye Audet edits Simply Home Remedies, which is about just that. This from the launch post:

For the past 20 years or so my family has lived without the assistance of commercial medicines or doctors, except for things like broken arms and emergency surgeries on retro-pharyngeal abscesses. You know, the stuff I can’t butterfly bandage, make a tea for, or put a poultice on! Six of our eight children have been born at home. My nickname around here is Dr.Mom, Medicine Woman.

In the b5media post, Marye Audet is described/hyped like this:

I’ve often joked that Marye is Martha Stewart meets MacGyver.

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I’ve personally called on Marye for a few tips and am 100% sold after seeing the quick successes of her suggestions.

The other blog is Canadian Music News, which surprisingly enough isn’t all Celine Dion and Bryan Adams, if you believed it would be. Jeanne Dupuis edits.

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