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UberMedia Buys UberTwitter, Seeks Mobile Tweet Domination

UberMedia Buys UberTwitter, Seeks Mobile Tweet Domination

The company formally known as PostUp (who was originally founded as TweetUp) has acquired UberTwitter for an undisclosed some of money.

PostUp, the social media platform founded by Internet entrepreneur Bill Gross, announced that it has acquired UberTwitter, the leading Twitter client on the BlackBerry platform. PostUp also announced that it is changing its company name to UberMedia.

“Twitter has rapidly grown to be the most significant real-time communications medium on the planet,” said Bill Gross, CEO of UberMedia. “Our goal is to be the best partner to Twitter in enhancing the Twitter ecosystem, and to provide innovative ways for Twitter users to share and consume content.” (Official UberTwitter Blog)

UberTwitter became a popular third party client upon Blackberry devices, and the company even launched an iOS app in November of 2010 (which they’ll probably shut down now as they already own Echofon for iOS).

UberMedia’s strategy seems to be geared towards purchasing popular third party Twitter clients in order to serve ads upon them (at least for the free versions).

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Thus far UberTwitter has not yet announced plans on acquiring any other app companies upon other mobile platforms (like Windows Phone 7 or even webOS) although hopefully the company will finally settle on a name instead of changing it after every acquisition. ;-)

(Hat Tip: TechCrunch)

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