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UK armed forces banned from blogging

UK armed forces banned from blogging

The Ministry of Defence has effectively ordered a blanket ban on blogging, in a move to stop military personnel from talking publicly about their experiences.

From now on, blogging and the sending of text messages will only be allowed with express permission.

They’ll also not be allowed to play multi-player computer games, or send photos, audio, or video material without permission if they relate to defence matters.

The rules also extend to members of the Territorial Army when on duty, as well as civil servants working for the MoD.

The Ministry claims that they are simply updating rules which have been in place for over ten years, but it will come as a disappointment to many, for whom military bloggers revealed what was really going on in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the poor state of equipment and accommodation for service personnel.

I wouldn’t be surprised if anonymous blogging continues.

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Though the official reasoning is different, it’s similar to the blogging restrictions faced by American troops in Iraq.

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  • I wonder why they did it. It is always interesting to find out what was really going on in war zones from troops itself, not from existing conventional media.

  • I am wondering who breaks this “rule” as the first one. “Breaking” stories, unbelievable news or whatever will be always spotted as time goes by. The army is trying to hide all what’s bad… Instead of punishing people who does such evil. Murders, rapes, chicanery…

    The world would be a perfect place without stupid wars. Look at ancient Great Powers… Who has the power now? Who will have the power tomorrow??? And after 100, 500 or even 1000 years?

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