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UK consultancy calls for training and HR companies to start blogging

UK consultancy calls for training and HR companies to start blogging

A UK-based learning and development consultancy has called on its peers to begin blogging. Righttrack Consultancy believes, as I’m sure most of us do, that blogs are a vital communication and learning resource and should be exploited.

They say that readers see blogging organisations as being more human, and having a personality, passion, and realism, and that Training and HR (Human Resources) should find the medium ideally suited as individuals are able to interact and share their learning experiences.

The consultancy also say that blogging has a great future as a learning and development support tool, as it can be used to illustrate how employees implement their training into their job. Management can observe the impact of training and how people are utilising the learning by reading the blog and the posts.

Righttrack’s own blog is quite interesting, as it weaves various training and development issues into ‘soap opera’ style posts. The commenting system is interesting, though, as instead of commenting on each individual post, there seems to be a central pool of comments, making it a little difficult to tell which comment belongs to which post. It’s a very young site, though, and at least they’re having a go at getting some interaction going on a blog-esque site.

The consultancy also gives tips to any new blogger. Though they’re not that new to seasoned Blog Herald readers, they’re a useful foundation for corporates who haven’t touched a blog before.

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1. See what other blogs are out there.
2. Decide on the audience, and if it’s an internal blog or an external (public) one.
3. Focus on the content of the blog, taking into consideration its readers’ interests.
4. Customise the look and feel of the blog; make it stand out from the crowd.
5. Ensure all entries have character, personality, and creativity.
6. Post regularly. At least once a week, they recommend.
7. Allow readers to post comments and interact with other readers.

Corporate blogging in the UK is still fairly rare, in fact we generally lag behind the US in all areas of blogging. Hopefully the medium will be taken more seriously as a communication and community-building tool.

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  • I am the Marketing Manager at the company to which this article refers, Righttrack Consultancy. I would just like to say thank you to Andy for firstly writing about our blog in such a positive way and secondly for his useful and valid point on our comments system – we will be making changes in our next update so that readers can make comments on specific blogs.

    Blogging is a new venture for us this year and we hope to improve our blog as the year progresses. Thanks again.

  • Hi Chris,

    No problem – I’m all for encouraging blogging in any form in the UK. I liked your site, though time pressures meant I couldn’t dig into it too deeply.

    I’m sure things will develop over time, as with any blog or new venture.

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