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UK PR company launches Twitter business resources

UK PR company launches Twitter business resources

It seems the mainstream rush to jump aboard Twitter is everywhere, and while seasoned bloggers and tech geeks have been using the service for years, it’s as well to remember that many individuals and businesses are only just getting their heads around blogging, let alone microblogging.

There’s no shortage of information online about using Twitter, with UK-based PR company Punch Communications one of the latest to set up online resources to help new users get the most out of their tweets.

I’d expect any forward-looking PR company to be both using and advising on the use of these newer forms of online communication. Punch has set up a fairly useful introduction to Twitter as well as two Wiki pages (presumably “Wiki” needs to be explained as well) covering useful Twitter applications and celebrity twitterers.

Punch’s MD, Pete Goold, commented that, “Twitter combines the best of both blogging and social media. With such buzz surrounding the service at present, we thought that a number of information tools for both the uninitiated and existing users alike might help individuals to get more out of their Twitter experience.”

The first article is an interesting read. Particularly:

Interestingly, from a PR perspective, it’s a great new way to share information with people, particularly when referencing other sources – such as a press release posted elsewhere for example – to a list of journalists. The fundamental point though is that Twitter, as with other social media, should not be a vehicle for PR people to abuse as the latest means of hassling those people that really could do without it.

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  • Good to see this taking place, and refreshing to see that Punch recognise that it is not viewed as “the latest means of hassling those people that really could do without it.”

    Education is very important because Twitter is a very unique, and very new medium, and it’s important for those new to it to get well structured help and advice, as well as finding out a little about ‘twittiquette’, in order to make their experience of it (and those already there) a far more informative and useful one.

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