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UK take-out portal offering free food to bloggers

UK take-out portal offering free food to bloggers

The only proviso seems to be that you review the new web site of UK fast food information portal

Most bloggers won’t turn down free stuff, so Just-Eat’s latest promotion could go down pretty well. They’re offering a £15 meal for those who sign up to the service and then blog or write about their experience (with a link, of course).

Marketing Manager of Just-Eat, Ash Ali, said, “As an online business, we’re keen to reward the bloggers and online gurus who share our enthusiasm for a great takeaway and see the site redesign as a perfect opportunity to do so. One of the key areas for us is to develop the already-present sense of community, proven by more than 60,000 individual customer reviews and extend this to people with a passion for writing online.”

Last year, Berocca sent out “blogger relief packs” and other companies have also got in on the act of rewarding bloggers for promoting their services.

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I suppose some might worry at the impartiality of bloggers who take up the offer, though the reviews don’t have to be positive. What do you think?

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